Our Story

It all started at my first job after college. I was working long Wall Street hours, giving any and every sort of caffeine product a try, even caffeinated chocolate chip cookies!

At my worst, I was consuming north of five caffeinated items a day. Often, by the end of a long week, the caffeine by itself just didn't do the job, and I'd find myself with energy but not enough concentration to put it to good use.

After leaving Wall Street and while starting my first company I was still working long hours and guzzling caffeine like nobody’s business. I found myself with the same problem, enough energy, but not enough concentration. After catching up with a college friend of mine who had the same dilemma, I decided to find a solution.

Elebra is the result.

The early stages of Elebra involved lots of research on whether or not it was even possible to create such a product – one that supports both energy levels and concentration. I didn’t want to put a product on the market if it was just going to be a caffeine and b-vitamin product with new packaging.

After some initial research I brought in Dr. James Pendleton, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine to finalize the formula. He really took Elebra to the next level, putting his past experience in specialty supplement formulation to good use.

Elebra is productivity in a bottle, for people who want to get the most out of their day. I hope it helps you achieve great things!

Greg, Founder