How Can an Adult Get Better at Abstract Thinking?
Posted by Elebra on 4/23/2012
If you are hoping to get better at abstract thinking, it is very important to understand the difference between abstract and concrete thinking. Concrete thinking is what our brains tend to do all of the time, and it is a "fact based" approach to life. Moving away from this method, however, is a lot more challenging than you might think.
Can Listening to Music Increase Concentration?
Posted by Elebra on 4/12/2012

In the popular and award winning film "Broadcast News" there is a hilarious scene in which the hero of the story is proudly talking, singing and reading all at the same time! This does beg the question, however...can background music actually help our brains focus or concentrate? Is it possible to listen to the music AND absorb different information?

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 How Can an Adult Get Better at Abstract Thinking?
 Can Listening to Music Increase Concentration?
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