How to Create a Productive Workspace
Posted by Elebra on 12/20/2011
How to Create a Productive Workspace
Take a step back and examine your workspace to make it more conducive to a productive day. Whether youíve snagged a corner office, welcome clients at a reception desk or call just one of a maze of cubicles your own, apply similar methods to improve your efficiency.

Protect your back, neck, hands and eyes from fatigue. Sit in an ergonomic office chair, use wrist rests with your keyboard and mouse, and place files at eye level with a typing stand. Use well-distributed diffuse light so you can easily read your computer screen, recommends the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Block harsh sunlight with blinds or curtains.

Organize your workspace. Keep track of phone numbers with a business card file. Use trays to separate incoming mail, completed tasks, to-do projects and out-bound mail. Add a clearly visible sign if you want coworkers to leave mail and paperwork in a specific tray. Otherwise, you may find them on your chair or across your keyboard -- where they can fall on the floor and get lost.

Remove unnecessary trinkets. Donít forego an attractive plant and a family photo or two, but resist cluttering your area with knickknacks and pictures of places youíd rather be -- in addition to distracting you from work, such decorations may send your supervisor the wrong message.

Make your workspace less attractive to others. People who stop by regularly just to visit make it difficult to be productive. A comfy visitorís chair and a candy dish filled with tasty treats invites coworkers or customers to loiter.

Make a daily to-do list, post it where you can see it and cross items off as you accomplish each task. Work offline if you lose time surfing the Internet and messaging your friends. For instance, donít constantly monitor your emails. Set aside specific times to check and respond to your messages, such as when you arrive in the mornings, before lunch and when youíre about to leave for the day.

If possible, rearrange your workspace so youíre facing away from distractions, such as other desks, high-traffic areas and windows. Move noisy machines farther away from your desk. Stash a pair of headphones in your desk for days when you need to block out loud coworkers.

What works for one person may not help you. Make small changes and evaluate your progress after a week. If necessary, adjust your approach to create a more productive workspace.

Of course, I should remind everyone that our blog entries are for your information only and are not intended as medical or any other type of advice. Because everyone is different, you should work with your medical professional to determine whatís best for you.

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 How to Create a Productive Workspace

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