Bacopa Monnieri: Ayurveda's Secret for Brain Performance

Whether you’re looking for relief from ADHD, to improve your memory, or simply for a natural study aid, Bacopa Monnieri can help. This herb, which is grown in India and used in the Indian medicine tradition, Ayurveda, has a wide range of effects on ADHD, memory, and cognitive function.

Several studies have demonstrated Bacopa Monnieri’s effect on memory. In one laboratory study, rats were given Bacopa Monnieri extract, and it improved their memory capacity.1 In an Australian study of healthy adults, one group was supplied with Bacopa Monnieri, while a control group was given a placebo. The group that took Bacopa Monnieri had a 13% improvement in learning and memory rates compared to the placebo group.2

In some trials, active compounds of Bacopa Monnieri did not restore or enhance memory formation, but improved retention.3-4 However, in a randomized clinical trial of healthy adults aged 55 and over, the herb significantly improved both memory acquisition and retention.15

In addition to improving memory, studies have also shown Bacopa Monnieri may improve intellectual activity itself.2,6-7 Several animal studies have found Bacopa Monnieri contains elements that improve aspects of both mental function and learning ability.8-10 A controlled study of children found that a syrup containing dried Bacopa Monnieri extract improved several measures of their mental performance.11 In yet another experiment, trained rodents that were given Bacopa Monnieri successfully completed a maze more often than rodents that were given a placebo. These improved cognitive results held true in both short-term and long-term tests.12

Beyond improving memory and intellectual capabilities, Bacopa Monnieri can help overcome the effects of ADHD, by increasing Acetylcholine levels in the brain. In the central nervous system, Acetylcholine aids the enhancement of sensory perceptions when we wake13 and helps us maintain attention.14

Yet another study demonstrated Bacopa Monnieri’s various cognitive effects. In this four week study, 35 patients were assessed for clinical anxiety levels, maladjustment levels, mental fatigue rate, and immediate memory span. The patients who took Bacopa Monnieri experienced a 20% reduction in anxiety levels, less mental fatigue than before treatment, and their immediate memory-span scores increased. The study showed that Bacopa Monnieri improved memory and productivity by reducing anxiety and related problems.15

In addition to its effects on brain neurotransmitters, Bacopa Monnieri has antioxidant effects that may account, in part, for its cognitive enhancing functions.16 Because of the various effects Bacopa Monnieri has on cognitive function and memory, it is be aeffective natural study aid worthy of a try.

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